Phil's Portfolio

Phil’s Portfolio

Phillip N. Lemel Word Developer, Trainer and Help Desk Analysis Contract work and conversion web site  Word utilities created for conversion web site Los Angeles Superior Court – Sustain Macro Los Angeles Superior Court – Judges Template Project Innovative Software Projects of Virginia Letters and E-Mails Roy Lasris – Innovative Software Products of Virginia […]
Word - 2016 Utilities

Word 2018 Utilities

After five years as a help desk specialists, I worked from home as much as possible until my father passed away in late 2016.   During that time, I started and maintained a legal document conversion web site. I have now finished updating my Word 2003 utilities to Word 2016 in February of 2018 and since […]
Pleading Paper Demo -- Life of a Promissory Note

Life of a Promissory Note

“Life of a Promissory Note” The “Life of a Promissory Note” shows the process of copying text from a promissory note located in an E-Mail message.  The Video will demonstrate how I copy text into a Word for Windows document and format that text into the appropriate headings using my macro utilities.  This process includes […]
TOC AutoMarker

Table of Contents Auto Marker

Table of Contents Auto-Marker lets the user change the Title portion in the Heading Styles (Number, Title and Anchor) to any format (Bold, Italic or Underlined) requested by the user and marks the appropriate levels with TOC Marks (Field Code Marking).
Business Shortcut Keyboard Video

Business Shortcut Keyboard Video

Business Shortcut Keyboard The Business Shortcut Keyboard System offers a unique way to format paragraphs in your document. There are multiple themes that offer different paragraph formats including automatic paragraph numbering (Headings), body text, body indent and more while being user friendly and easy to remember. The shortcut keyboard makes it very convenient for the […]