Heading Finder Pro

The Heading Finder Pro is the only formatting utility that finds hard coded text numbering and converts it to Headings by searching for the actual numbering scheme

  • Takes any hard code text numbering that’s placed at the beginning of each paragraph and assigns it to the appropriate heading level as designated by the user.
  • Identifies and prompts you for any occurrence of a conflict between any two numbering schemes you may choose, (i.e.: lower case roman numerals (i) which can be included in both the alphabetical numbering like (a), (b), (c) and the roman numerals (i), (ii) and (iii). Searches out the numbering format where the Article is in the center and the title is also centered but on the second line and then replaces it with the appropriate styling (Soft Return) in order to produce a table of contents correctly.
  • Searches out 3 different types of “Section” numbering.
  • Finds over 100 different numbering combinations
  • Does not interfere with other systems because it only finds headings that are universal to all automatically numbered documents.