Los Angeles Superior Court

Sustain/Minute Order Macro. Converted and Designed the Minute Order Macro to work with Word for Windows.

Two Paragraph Description

The two paragraph description that was given to all managers regarding the sustain macro moving to Word 2010.

The WordPerfect sustain macro uses “paste special as text” to paste text into the document which loses very important formatting like indents and hanging indents. After the paste special, the user will need to manually edit the document including adding periods in between the double paragraph mark. The users also have to  handle the very complex process of producing formatting for both indents and hanging indents in a DOS environment. To achieve an indent, the user must add 5 spaces to each line of every indented paragraph while counting the characters and adding a return to insure the 54 character limit.

The Word for Windows Sustain Macro codes all paragraphs with their appropriate settings before the actual paste special as text and then reformats the document in DOS Text based on those settings. This process includes Indents, Hanging Indents, First Line Indents, Tabs and Tables while keeping the 54 Character line limitations with proper word separation. Finally, the most important feature is that the Sustain Macro is built for the future because it converts all rich text documents that contain before and after text into separate paragraphs with the appropriate paragraph markers ¶.¶.

Microsoft and the Court abandoned the Sustain project in 2006 saying it could not be done for the second time.

E-Mail re Status of Testing regarding Sustain Macro

 Sustain Demo