Sustain/Minute Order Macro

  • Converted and Designed the WordPerfect Minute Order Macro to work with Word for Windows. Microsoft abandoned this project in 2003 saying it could not be done.


Converted Judges custom WordPerfect Macros and Template Systems to Word 2013

  • Designed, trained, and installed the WP Transition Ribbon. This Ribbon was developed to give the Judges the tools and strategy to easily format their documents.
  • Menu driven Pleading Paper, Memo, and Letterhead Templates. Users also have the ability to easily add Letterhead or Pleading Paper and formatting schemes to any document.
  • Formatting Ribbon includes an extensive Help Menu with a 25 Page User Guide. This Guide includes a detailed Tip Sheet that links a practice document and two videos for both beginner and advanced users showing how to conform a WordPerfect Pleading.