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Phillip Lemel

After five years as a help desk specialists, I worked from home as much as possible until my father passed away in late 2016. During that time, I started and maintained a legal document conversion web site.

I have now finished updating my Word 2003/2010 utilities to Word 2016 in February of 2018 and since I no longer need to work from home, I am selling my macro utilities so I may continue with my career as a Trainer, Developer and Help Desk Associate.

2016 Word for Windows Utilities.

The Heading Finder Pro is the only formatting utility that finds hard coded text numbering and converts it to Headings by searching for the actual numbering scheme.

Table of Contents Auto-Marker lets you mark up to four levels of headings while insuring all Title Text in each heading is consistent.

The Heading Styler lets the user change the Title portion in the Heading Styles (Number, Title and Anchor) to any format (Bold, Italic or Underlined) requested by the user.

The Shortcut Keyboard System offers a unique way to format paragraphs in your document. There are multiple themes that offer different paragraph formats including automatic paragraph numbering (Headings), body text, body indent and more while being user friendly and easy to remember.

The Paragraph Numbering Template Manager is used to apply a custom numbering scheme to your document.

The Quick Form Maker is used to add a fill-in routine with custom prompts designed by you.

The Field Code Numbering System uses field codes to produce the numbering. If you ever tried to number a document using this method then you understand how hard it can be. This macro just makes it user-friendly.