Legal Numbering Services

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We specialize in finding the hard coded numbering at the beginning of each paragraph and replace that text with the appropriate Heading Style. We then re-apply all the formatting of the title text.

Why we re-apply the formatting for the Title Text?

One of the biggest problems in all versions of Word is when you apply a heading style to a paragraph and loose the formatting. This Hiccup usually surfaces on short paragraphs and costs users five or more keystrokes to fix. (See my quick example video)

Our Legal Numbering Service uses the latest automation to find hard coded text numbering at the beginning of each paragraph and convert those numbered paragraphs into the appropriate Headings while our Heading Styler then recodes your title text back to the appropriate attributes in order to avoid those Word Hiccups.
Our process can find and convert hundreds of numbered paragraphs into their appropriate headings in a matter of seconds compared to other automated solutions offered on the market today.

Heading Finder Pro Video Demonstration

We have a very simple process whereas you just fill out a couple of items on the below menu and attach the document.