Business Shortcut

The Business Shortcut Keyboard System offers a unique way to format paragraphs in your document. There are multiple themes that offer different paragraph formats including automatic paragraph numbering (Headings), body text, body indent and more while being user friendly and easy to remember.

The shortcut keyboard makes it very convenient for the user to apply 6 different types of paragraph formatting.

  • Basic Formatting

    Headings (Alt+Ctrl+#’s 1-9)
    Title/Centering (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+#’s 1-9)
    Body Text (Ctrl+#’s 1-9)
    Body Text First Line Indent (Shift+Ctrl+#’s 1-9)
    Indented Text (Alt +#’s 1-9)
    Indented Text Both Sides (Shift+Alt+#’s 1-9)


    Title Text (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+#’s 1)
    Sub Title Text (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+#’s 2)
    Center (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+#’s 3)
    and More (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+#’s 4+)

    Don’t Forget Before and After Text Spacing Theme

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