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Shortcut Keyboard System (Free Version)

Shortcut Keyboard System
(Free Version)

Shortcut Keyboard System (Free Download) The Shortcut Keyboard System offers a unique way to format paragraphs in your document. There are multiple themes that offer different paragraph formats including automatic paragraph numbering (headings), body text, body indent and more while being user-friendly and easy to remember. Major themes assigned are the three most common formats. […]
Quick Form Maker

Quick Form

Quick Form Maker (Free Download) The Quick Form Maker is used to add a fill-in routine with custom prompts designed by you.  The Form Maker can be used with both autotext and forms stored on your hard drive or network. Quick Form Info: Design you own prompts with messages on what to fill-in Designed for […]
Field Code Numbering System

Field Code Numbering System

Field Code Numbering System (Free Download) The Field Code Numbering System uses field codes to produce the numbering. If you ever tried to number a document using this method then you understand how hard it can be. This macro just makes it user-friendly. We even took it further for you to include different types of […]


Word 2000+ Footer Macro (Free Download) The Footer Macro will give you 3 different options to choose. Page Number only Page Number with Doc Name Page Number with Prompt for Title and Doc Name   The footer is a Word Template and works in all version.  I would save the file to your desktop to […]


Letterhead Macro (Free Download) The Letterhead Macro will place the appropriate letterhead in your header. Manage two types of letterhead using autotext   Please feel free to watch the paper change video which adds letterhead and then changes the document to a pleading and back. Download Letterhead Macro below:

Pleading Paper

Pleading Paper Macro (Free Download) Pleading paper is really not a tragic experience.  It is simply a header with a box anchored at an exact location. Schemes are used to apply the styles needed for the pleading paper to line up correctly. Pleading Paper Macro The pleading paper macro will not only add the pleading […]