Field Code Numbering System
(Free Download)

The Field Code Numbering System uses field codes to produce the numbering. If you ever tried to number a document using this method then you understand how hard it can be. This macro just makes it user-friendly.

We even took it further for you to include different types of numbering and formatting.

The Field Code Numbering System also keeps track of a paragraph number within the paragraph itself.

This is best used to stack documents like enclosures, exhibits and other things.  The macro does not interfere with the main scheme of the document. (This macro is for the good old WP51 days)

  • Eight levels of numbering
  • Three formatting options
  • Restart numbering option.
  • Ability to update all field codes and then return your cursor to the document position that it started from.
  • Does not interfere with headings and/or styles.
  • Each level will remember its own setting until you exit Word.

Word 2000 Video Demo:

Works in all versions of Word.   (You will have to set up your own shortcuts until I have time to update this macro for the latest versions)

Note Word 2007/2010:  Make sure the settings File..Options..Advanced..Show Document Content and then the “show field codes instead of values” is unselected in the Word Options/Advanced Tab so the numbers will actually be showing.

Word 2003:  Tools.Options.View is where the setting is

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