Word 2003 Paragraph Numbering Template Manager

Paragraph Numbering Template Manager

Numbering Manager The Paragraph Numbering Template Manager is used to apply a custom numbering scheme to your document. The Template Manager is the best tool to organize your templates because of Word 2000+ naming issue (limited amount of characters to name the template) in the Style Gallery window. Using a menu system to organize your […]
Quick Form Maker

Quick Form

Quick Form Maker (Free Download) The Quick Form Maker is used to add a fill-in routine with custom prompts designed by you.  The Form Maker can be used with both autotext and forms stored on your hard drive or network. Quick Form Info: Design you own prompts with messages on what to fill-in Designed for […]
Double Spacing Shortcut Keyboard Video

Double Spacing Shortcut Keyboard Video

The Double Space Keyboard is designed to handle both double and single spacing using the shortcut keyboard themes.  The Major Theme is the double spaced body text and indenting with a Minor Theme (same keystrokes with the shift key pressed) of single spaced body text and indenting. The same theory applies to the Litigation Shortcut […]
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